A Little Bit About Me…

I’m a Brit by birth, a Canadian by choice (and by the power of dual citizenship), and one day my husband and I will live somewhere where I can wear flip-flops every day and work from the beach – Belize, here we come!

I’m a self-confessed word nerd, and I’ve loved to read and write for as long as I can remember. Typos and grammatical errors have always jumped off the page at me, and being able to correct them makes me weirdly happy.

I’ve been the unofficial proofreader and editor for family and friends for years, and I love being able to help people present the best version of themselves in all written formats.

My background, my training, and my previous work with companies around the world, mean that I’m well-versed in flipping back and forth between British English, Canadian English, and US English.

So, whether I’m pulling my laptop out of the boot or the trunk of my car; and whether I’m working from my home in Canada, a beach in Belize, a Costa Coffee, a Tim Hortons, or a Starbucks; you can rest assured that the specific word use, spelling, punctuation, and grammatical rules of your required English dialect will be correctly applied to your project.

I have a BSc in Psychology, so I’m familiar with the academic requirements around citations and referencing.

And I’ve spent over 20 years as a Certified Internal Auditor (we’re not as bad as you’ve been led to believe!) and a Certified Fraud Examiner, so I’ve literally spent my entire career looking for errors and opportunities for improvement, as well as writing, editing, and proofreading reports. This also means I’m used to working with privileged information, and the expectations around confidentiality of documents.

I have completed training in proofreading through both Proofread Anywhere and Knowadays, and I’m a lifelong learner, so I’ve always got another course on the go to continue to hone my skills.

I’m a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, and I also volunteer with Project Gutenberg through Distributed Proofreaders, both in Canada and the US.

Project Gutenberg works to digitize books that are in the public domain – meaning the original copyright has expired – and provide these as eBooks to the public, completely free.

Whether you need a second set of eyes on something you’ve already written, someone to write something for you, or someone to digitize your spoken words or hard copy document; get in touch and let me help you unleash the full potential of your message.